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Carton handling with vacuum technology

Boxes are not only an important part of the shipping process, but also an essential part of the daily life. Many companies use cardboard boxes to store and transport items. Therefore, it is important that the boxes are packed and handled correctly to avoid damage or loss.

In the logistics industry, great importance is placed on the quality of the boxes. High-quality and solid materials ensure for better stability and safety during transport. For this reason, boxes are made of different Cardboard qualities are manufactured depending on the needs and requirements of the respective product. The cost of packaging also play an important role in choosing the right box.

When handling boxes, lifting devices with vacuum suction plates are usually used to ensure efficient To ensure handling and transport. However, it is important to note that not all boxes are absorbent.

This can occur due to non-absorbent cardboard or specially laminated surfaces. In this case, lifting gear

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for handling boxes

Photo: STRÖDTER cardboard gripper

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for handling packaging

Photo: STRÖDTER box gripper

can be used with high vacuum performance, which, however, also consumes more energy and therefore are not cost effective. If there is an option to choose, STRÖDTER always prefers the energy-saving variant.

The company STRÖDTER has specialized in the development and manufacture of lifting equipment and offers its own We offer customers suction test tests to determine the most efficient technology for handling boxes. The Stand column manipulators with pneumatic balance control and extended operating handle guide are ideal for Individual workstations and have a working radius of up to 6m. STROEDTER offers large workplaces rail-guided manipulators that enable effective handling and transport of cartons.

Overall, Boxes are an important part of the shipping process and daily handling of items. Choosing the right box and correct handling are crucial for successful and safe delivery Delivery. STRÖDTER offers its customers an effective solution for handling boxes and thus contributes contributes to efficiency and safety.

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for lifting and moving boxes

Photo: STRÖDTER cardboard gripper

STRÖDTER handling lifting aids at the workplace

Photo: STRÖDTER vacuum suction cup

STRÖDTER handling manipulators also for oversized packaging

Photo: STRÖDTER vacuum traverse for large packaging

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