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Carton handling with vacuum technology

In the logistics industry, the quality of the boxes plays a crucial role. High quality Materials ensure stability and safety during trans­port. Cardboard boxes are manufactured according to their cardboard quality, tailored to your needs the needs and requirements of the products. The costs for this are also included Packaging is an important factor when choosing the right box.

Lifting instruments such as vacuum lifters are usually included for handling boxes vacuum suction plates are used to enable efficient transport. In addition, crane systems can be used to safely move heavy boxes.

It should be noted that not all boxes are absorbent, especially if they are made of non-absorbent materials or specially laminated surfaces have. In such cases, special vacuum suction cups may be necessary to ensure safe handling.

STRÖDTER offers optimized and energy-efficient cardboard handling with energy-saving handling mani­pulat­ors

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for handling boxes

Photo: STRÖDTER cardboard gripper

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for handling packaging

Photo: STRÖDTER box gripper

These are equipped with manipulator balance technology and balance control, to ensure ergonomic operation and to reduce energy consumption.

STRÖDTER specializes in the development and manufacture of lifting equipment and offers its customers suction tests to find the most efficient technology for cardboard handling to determine.

The stand­column mani­pulat­ors with pneumatic balance­control and extended Operating handle guidance is ideal for individual workstations and has a working radius of up to 6 meters.

For large workplaces, STRÖDTER offers rail-guided manipulators that enable effective handling and transport of boxes.

Cardboard boxes are an essential part of the shipping process and daily handling of goods. Choosing the right box and handling it correctly are crucial for you successful and safe shipping. STRÖDTER offers effective solutions for carton handling and thus contributes to ef­fiz­iency and security.

STRÖDTER handling manipulators for lifting and moving boxes

Photo: STRÖDTER cardboard gripper

STRÖDTER handling lifting aids at the workplace

Photo: STRÖDTER vacuum suction cup

STRÖDTER handling manipulators also for oversized packaging

Photo: STRÖDTER vacuum traverse for large packaging

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